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100-1-1 Dukes 11 Footer

This board m also it is still being researched. Must be considered a masterpiece in the journey of the surfboard. Found in New Jersey USA, it’s history is known to a few, but as yet they aren’t sharing??

This is mainly because of the considered value of this board.

The known facts so far show it was the Dukes brothers board, but the Duke himself has ridden it. It was purchased in Hawaii and hidden in New Jersey for years until an Australian happened to be visiting, and being an avid collector, was shown the board. As you can imagine this collector wanted it more than air or water. As the years went by, he admired it until a few months ago, the owner is in his later years and offered it to our Aussie collector as he didn’t want it to go to anyone else. It arrived in Australia in a huge timber crate and is now proudly displayed at Surfworld Gold Coast.


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